Site Environment

Eden Valley Ranch is a working ranch situated approximately 9 miles east of Oroville, Washington. The site elevation is approximately 3300 feet. The main camping and telescope area is on a grass field surrounded by a gravel road that is well-maintained. The field does have a north-to-south slope, so there are very few spots on the field that are absolutely level, but slope is not drastic in any of the areas we will be using for campsites. The soil on the field is fairly compact and even, well-suited for camping.

Views to the south and north of the main field area

For RV's, trailers and campers we do recommend that you bring
adequate blocking that you may need to level your vehicle.

A Working Ranch

Eden Valley is a working ranch, with their primary crop being a specialty alfalfa. Their crop fields are off-limits and we require that you not walk or bicycle through them. TMSPA will flag off the field boundaries to clearly mark them.

The Area Around Eden Valley

The land surrounding Eden Valley is a mix of public and private land. If you wish to explore by hiking or bicyling, inquire at the Lodge; they have maps of the area showing trails and roads that you can use. Please respect all posted signs regarding private property or trespassing.

Wildlife and Other Critters

Deer are frequently spotted at dusk grabbing a free treat in the alfalfa fields. Owls have been heard and seen in the trees. Hawks will be seen working the updrafts around the area, along with other smaller birds that live in the surrounding woods. Field mice are present in the camping area, so be aware of their burrows. Elk transit through the area and are rarely seen. And of course there are horses and cows.


Temperatures: typical summer temperatures are highs in the 80's and lows in the 50's. We have seen temperatures swing up into the 90's and drop into the upper 30's depending on the current weather trend. As such, we still recommend that you pack for all weather conditions, as weather is unpredictable and something that we have no control over (although we wish we did!).

Dew: Eden Valley is in the fairly dry environment of the Okanogan highlands and dew is not usually an issue, but we have experienced heavy dewing after storm fronts moved through due to higher than normal humidity. Bring the dew shields for your telescope, just in case.

Winds: breezes of under 10mph are the norm. We advocate being prepared for strong or gusty winds that may arise and that you adequately secure your campsite and equipment.

Insects: there is usually not much of an insect problem at Eden Valley. Mosquitoes, bees, yellowjackets and flies are rarely seen around the site. Still, it never hurts to pack some insect repellant - just in case.


Since Eden Valley is private property, please treat it with respect. Clean up your campsite before leaving. Don't damage any of the structures, fences or other property on the ranch. Any willful damage of Eden Valley property will be at your liability for payment and may result in your being removed from the event.