Eden Valley Site Information

Overlooking the main field

Eden Valley Ranch, 9 miles ESE of Oroville, WA

Elevation: 3280 feet

Latitude 48° 54' 24" N (48.904)

Longitude 119° 14' 58" W (119.243)

(These coordinates are for the approximate center of the main field)

Clear Sky Chart for Table Mountain Star Party at Eden Valley

Click on Data Box above for full Clear Sky Chart info in a new window.

Our thanks to Attilla Danko for the custom Clear Sky Clock

Site Layout

Preliminary overview of site layout

Areas within the yellow lines are the boundaries for use by TMSPA. Please follow all directions from the Directors and parking staff to ensure that you are within our usage area.

Sky Conditions

Eden Valley is far-removed from the major light domes in Washington. Any glow from Oroville and Osoyoos is barely noticable, as Eden Valley sits behind a ridge between it and those areas. The skies are much darker at Eden Valley than at Table Mountain.

You can get an idea of the sky darkness and surrounding light domes on the map at this website.

For reference, the distances to the major populated areas from Eden Valley are:

  • Oroville is 9 miles WNW;
  • Osoyoos is 13 miles NW;
  • Tonasket is 17 miles SSW;
  • Grand Forks, B.C. is approximately 37 miles ENE;
  • Omak and Okanogan are 37 miles SSE.

Viewing Horizons

Even though the site is located in a valley, the viewing horizons are still very good for most spots used for camping locations. Hills and trees surrounding the site are less than 15° above true horizon in most locations.

Cell Phone Coverage

Coverage for cellular phones is very limited at Eden Valley and whether you get reception will depend on your carrier and phone. We had reports that some people got reception on Dry Gulch Road just past the entrance to Eden Valley, which is a 1/4 mile walk one-way.

Given the proximity of Eden Valley to Canada, it is possible that you will get cell reception on a Canadian tower. We strongly caution you to check your phone to ensure that you are not on "Roaming" coverage from a Canadian tower as the charges could be rather expensive for such service.

The Lodge has a landline phone that will be used only for emergencies.

Eden Valley Guest Cabins

There will be a limited number of cabins available for rental at Eden Valley Guest Ranch during the Table Mountain Star Party in 2017.

If you are interested in a cabin rental, please read the following carefully:
  • We will post a notice when all cabins are confirmed as having been rented for the event.
  • All cabin rentals must be for the complete duration of the event: Tues, July 18 through Sat, July 22 (five nights)
  • You MUST have a completed AND paid TMSP 2017 Registation.
  • You MUST have a Registration Confirmation email reply from TMSP. ( Confirmations are processed in the order registrations are paid and completed. )
  • ONLY AFTER receiving confirmation of your registration may you then email cabinrental@tmspa.com and submit a request for a cabin rental. Forwarding your Registration Confirmation email along with your request to cabinrental@tmspa.com will expedite the process.
  • Requests that meet the above criteria will be forwarded to Eden Valley for their consideration.

Eden Valley will contact you to complete your cabin rental agreement. Please do not contact Eden Valley with questions. They will contact you if space is available.

Each cabin is heated and has a queen bed and a double futon that will sleep up to 4 persons comfortably. There is also a full bathroom, kitchenette, and a parking area for your vehicle.

Attendees in the cabins will follow all TMSPA Rules and Regulations in addition to the policies for cabin rental.

Other Site Information

A Working Ranch

Eden Valley is a working ranch, with their primary crop being a specialty alfalfa. Their crop fields are off-limits and we require that you not walk or bicycle through them. TMSPA will flag off the field boundaries to clearly mark them.

Eden Valley Guest Ranch Website and Guest Services

You can learn more about Eden Valley through their website at http://www.edenvalleyranch.net

Eden Valley will work out a schedule of events such as trail rides and other activities to offer to our attendees. Any fees for such activities will be independent of your TMSP registration.

Campsites & RV Parking

The main camping and telescope area is on a grass field surrounded by a gravel road that is well-maintained. The field does have a north-to-south slope, so there are very few spots on the field that are absolutely level, but slope is not drastic in most of the areas we will be using for campsites. The soil on the field is fairly compact and even, well-suited for camping.

For RV's, trailers and campers we STRONGLY ADVISE that you bring adequate blocking that you may need to level your vehicle. The later you arrive during the event diminishes the chance that you will get a reasonably level spot for your RV/trailer. And you still should have blocking to level your vehicle, regardless.

Did we mention that YOU NEED to bring BLOCKING for your RV or trailer?


Temperatures: typical summer temperatures are highs in the 80's and lows in the upper 40's. We have seen temperatures swing up into the 90's and drop into the 30's depending on the current weather trend. As such, we still recommend that you pack for all weather conditions, as weather is unpredictable and something that we have no control over (although we wish we did!).

Dew: Eden Valley is in the fairly dry environment of the Okanogan highlands and dew is not usually an issue, but we have experienced heavy dewing after storm fronts moved through due to higher than normal humidity. Bring the dew shields for your telescope, just in case.

Winds: breezes of under 10mph are the norm though some stronger breezes can kick up in the afternoons. We advocate being prepared for strong or gusty winds that may arise and that you adequately secure your campsite and equipment.

Insects: there is usually not much of an insect problem at Eden Valley. Mosquitoes, bees, yellowjackets and flies are rarely seen around the site. Still, it never hurts to pack some insect repellant - just in case.


There is potable water available on-site at the corral area on the northwest side of the site near Cabin #1. The location will be indicated on your site map in your registration packet, or ask a Director for the location. You will need to bring your own water container.


The main field areas we use at Eden Valley have no trees to provide shade from the sun. It would be advisable to bring some sort of canopy or awning to provide shade during the day. Any such awning or canopy must be contained within your campsite.


Since Eden Valley is private property, please treat it with respect. Clean up your campsite before leaving. Don't damage any of the structures, fences or other property on the ranch. Any willful damage of Eden Valley property will be at your liability for payment and may result in your being removed from the event.

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