July 18th - 22nd, 2017

Registration for TMSP 2017 will begin on April 1st.

We're gearing up for Event Registration, and it's no April Fool's joke that it opens on 04/01/2017!

In addition to the Practical Astronomy presentations mentioned below, we're also working on some more presentations and activites geared for the total solar eclipse. Updates will be posted as the plans firm up as we get closer to the star party.

Meal Menus are Ready

Robin and the staff at Eden Valley will be providing the pre-ordered meal service again this year, and the menu looks as delicious as it was last year. If you want to take a night off from the camp stove, pre-ordering a meal (or meals, if you really want to be lazy!) are a sure-fire way to have a scrumptious meal served in the dining area in the Eden Valley Lodge. You can check out this year's menu here..

( And yes, Doyle's going to be operating the Chuckwagon this year. )

2017 Cabin Availability

Eden Valley has informed us that they will have six to seven of their Guest Cabins available for our attendees to rent out for the duration of the star party this year. If camping's not totally your (or the spouse's/significant other's) thing and you want the amenities of a kitchen, full bath, and a soft warm bed to augment your astronomical indulgence, it's hard to beat one of the cabins. You can find more info on the cabins and how to stake your name to one on the Registration Page.

Practical Astronomy Presentations for TMSP 2017

We already have some of the topics that will be presented as part of our Practical Astronomy Presentations Program for TMSP 2017. These presentations are geared to be informative and sometimes hands-on guides on a variety of topics for both the beginner and experienced amateur astronomer alike. We'll have more detailed descriptions of the presentations as we get closer to the event, but to whet your appetite, here are some of the topics that will be presented:

  • The 2017 Solar Eclipse by Cliff Mygatt
  • Drawing Nebulae by Mark Simonson
  • Cleaning Optics by Cliff Mygatt
  • Urban Observing by Bob Scott
  • Observing programs of the Astronomical League by Mark Simonson

With the total solar eclipse occurring in August (one month after TMSP), the presentation on observing the eclipse may be very helpful for planning and maximizing your experience.

Thank You!!

We at TMSPA would like to thank our attendees, Guest Speakers and Vendors for a fabulous 2016 Table Mountain Star Party!

Photos courtesy of Nick Monkman, Spokane Astronomical Society

We look forward to seeing you all again in 2017!!

TMSPA Weblog

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